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Driven by an innate desire to connect people across all barriers, everything Flora Tromelin does is led by compassion and a genuine love for people. It is this passion for communication that sparked an incredible journey and career.

As a young girl in the quiet French countryside, Flora developed a love and talent for ballet. For over a decade she participated in the yearly gala which cultivated a strong sense of discipline, understanding of suffering, and an appreciation for the beauty found within adversity.

Flora earned her diploma in English and American civilization studies while at college only two hours outside of Paris. It was here that she blossomed into an even more vibrant, adventurous, and friendly version of herself. She completed her education with a Masters's degree in Marketing and Management. When not in school, one could find Flora hosting luxury tours in the champagne cellars to affluent guests from around the world. With high expectations came highly refined skills. 

Flora applied these same principles to her time giving tours of the famous Belleau Wood WWI American Cemetery located in France. She continued to build her craft of connecting with diverse groups of people. Her time was spent organizing fundraising events with local non-profits and other large events for the military cemetery. Flora was later selected as Chief of Protocol to the U.S. Ambassador to France and Monaco.  In her role, she was in charge of organizing small to large-scale meetings and events for the Ambassador, advising diplomats on cultural preferences and etiquette, and handling large-scale and international projects. Flora led the execution of very sensitive events or requests made by the White House or the Department of State and was an important player in the French-American fruitful diplomatic relationship.

Today, Flora is all of these things as well as a wife to an American Veteran, a mother to two teenagers, and a female entrepreneur.  Flora is also the representative for the State of Arizona of the Rocky Mountain French American Chamber of Commerce. Passionate about local community service, she is also on the Board of Directors of two local nonprofits: Veterans Heritage Project , and the Alliance Française of Greater Phoenix.  As the founder of FCT Strategies LLC, she has taken all of her experience and passion for politics, foreign affairs, and popular culture to help others achieve the same. She holds expertise in the following:

  • Public Relations

  • Organizational management

  • Cross-cultural communication

  • Politics

  • Global Protocol/ Etiquette

  • Project Management

  • Event planning 

  • Marketing and advertising

You should definitely consider working with Flora to create a strategy system that will help you to authentically connect with your audience and help to leverage cross-cultural communications in your business goals. 

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