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“I have the highest regard for Flora’s work, her thoughtfulness and her intellectual and cultural curiosity.  I would not hesitate to recommend her for key positions in organizations that bring coworkers and outside contacts together towards a common goal.”


~Frank J. Ledahawsky

Former Minister Counselor for Management Affairs

U.S. Embassy London

“ It is my pleasure to give Flora Tromelin my highest recommendation.  I was her direct supervisor at the U.S. Embassy in Paris, where she served as the Ambassador’s Chief of Protocol. Flora managed an enormous amount of responsibility under oftentimes difficult circumstances with ease.  I had the impression she could accomplish any task and work smoothly with anyone.  Any organization would be very fortunate to have her. (…)  She has stellar interpersonal skills and unparalleled work ethic. I recommend her wholeheartedly.”

                                                                           ~Special Assistant

Executive Office

                                                                                                    U.S. Embassy Paris

“I am writing to provide my highest recommendation for Ms. Flora Tromelin, with whom I worked closely from 2013-2016 at the U.S. Embassy in Paris, France.  For about half our time working together, I was serving as the Deputy Ambassador in Paris, where I worked daily with Flora who, as Chief of Protocol, directed our Protocol unit and managed all my outside meetings and events.  In my Twenty-eight years as a diplomat, working in seven overseas embassies, Flora is by far the strongest Protocol Chief I have worked with.”

~ H.E. Kristina A. Kvien

U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine

U.S. Embassy, Kyiv, Ukraine

“Flora’s talent, drive to succeed, and genuine enthusiasm come across quite readily, but it is her capacity to be a positive change agent that is her strongest attribute.  Flora will literally become your go-to person and will continue to improve for the duration of her employment with you. She is tremendously talented, works hard, and completes ambitious tasks by focusing on what is essential without missing the fine details.  Even when working under tight deadlines and tremendous strain, Flora maintains her cool and her positive attitude helps ensures that others do too. I recommend her enthusiastically, with no reservations.”

~Jean L. Pierre-Louis

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